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At DJS Fitness, you will be provided with an individualized training program to help you accomplish your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve strength, increase stamina or lessen back pain, you will achieve measurable results.

My workouts are designed to challenge you and keep you motivated, with an approach geared towards keeping my clients serious about increasing fitness levels and improving their overall health.

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My clients are individuals of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Whether you have no prior strength training, or are looking to step up your current fitness program, I will help you set realistic goals and outline a workout program that exceeds your expectations.

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Scottsdale & Phoenix Personal Trainer DJS Fitness

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Reaching fitness goal


How would you like to?

• Improve your overall health
• Improve your metabolism
• Improve strength and tighten muscles
• Build lean muscle mass
• Decrease body fat and lose weight
• Increase energy levels and stamina
• Increase flexibility and improve posture
• Increase cardiovascular efficiency
• Increase core strength and stability
• Reshape your body
• Reduce stress
• Have greater self-confidence


What you can expect from me:

What you can expect from me:
• One-on-one personal attention
• Focus on you and your goals
• Exercise instruction
• Emphasis on proper technique
• Decreased risk of injury
• Nutritional recommendations
• Accountability
• Competitive pricing
(no gym membership fees)
• Workouts that vary and are never dull
• Consistent attention from one person – ME!



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