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What you can expect from me:

How would you like to?

At DJS Fitness, you will be provided with an individualized training program to help you accomplish your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve strength, increase stamina or lessen back pain, you will achieve measurable results. My workouts are designed to challenge you and keep you motivated, with an approach geared towards keeping my clients serious about increasing fitness levels and improving their overall health.

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How would you like to?

What you can expect from me:

How would you like to?

• Improve your overall health • Improve your metabolism • Improve strength and tighten muscles • Build lean muscle mass • Decrease body fat and lose weight • Increase energy levels and stamina • Increase flexibility and improve posture • Increase cardiovascular efficiency • Increase core strength and stability • Reshape your body • Reduce stress • Have greater self-confidence

Daniel Scherf DJS Fitness

What you can expect from me:

What you can expect from me:

What you can expect from me:

• One-on-one personal attention
• Focus on you and your goals
• Exercise instruction
• Emphasis on proper technique
• Decreased risk of injury
• Nutritional recommendations
• Accountability
• Competitive pricing
(no gym membership fees)
• Workouts that vary and are never dull
• Consistent attention from one person – me!

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Train with Daniel and Hit Your Fitness Goals!

DJS Fitness/Daniel Scherf is excited to train out of SNJ Fitness

Biggest mistake people make while working out!

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My clients are individuals of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Whether you have no prior strength training, or are looking to step up your current fitness program, I will help you set realistic goals and outline a workout program that exceeds your expectations.

Biggest mistake people make while working out!

DJS Fitness/Daniel Scherf is excited to train out of SNJ Fitness

Biggest mistake people make while working out!

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The biggest mistake is using too much weight with poor form. The focus should be on learning proper form so that clients can lift more challenging weights without injury. The focus should not be how much weight is used, but that muscles are being targeted in the most efficient way. Daniel’s experience has shown him that many people use momentum from other muscles to do the work of the muscles they are actually targeting. Proper form makes all the difference in effectively increasing muscle strength. To hear directly from some of Dan’s clients about their experience and results, click on Client Testimonials.

DJS Fitness/Daniel Scherf is excited to train out of SNJ Fitness

DJS Fitness/Daniel Scherf is excited to train out of SNJ Fitness

DJS Fitness/Daniel Scherf is excited to train out of SNJ Fitness

DJS Fitness SNJ Fitness Scottsdale Airpark

  • Independent Personal Trainer Facility
  • All sessions are with a trainer/no memberships
  • Free weights, cable machines, kettlebells, ropes, sleds, lots of equipment for an awesome workout
  • Great facility that is not intimidating, clean, organized and welcoming
  • Convenient Scottsdale Airpark location (close to Scottsdale Quarter) fitness Scottsdale Airpark North North Scottsdale

About Daniel

Daniel Scherf DJS Fitness

Who is Daniel Scherf?

Why did Daniel become a certified personal trainer?

What is Daniel’s training style?

Daniel Scherf is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and experienced fitness professional serving Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Daniel will motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. His focus is on teaching his client’s proper form in addition to making working out an enjoyable experience. He has trained clients from ages 18 to early 70’s and has helped these clients make health and wellness an integral part of their everyday lives.

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What is Daniel’s training style?

Why did Daniel become a certified personal trainer?

What is Daniel’s training style?

Since there is no one approach that works for everyone, Daniel believes in addressing each client’s specific needs (body fat/weight loss, better health, heightened energy and endurance, enhanced flexibility, etc.). He makes the workouts enjoyable and at the same time challenging. He incorporates strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training in each session. Daniel also provides nutritional recommendations so that each client can make healthy food choices.

Daniel Scherf DJS Fitness

Why did Daniel become a certified personal trainer?

Why did Daniel become a certified personal trainer?

Why did Daniel become a certified personal trainer?

Daniel became a trainer because of his passion for fitness. His goal is to help as many people live a healthy lifestyle as possible. As a Certified Personal Trainer, he is able to use his knowledge and experience to assist people in reaching their fitness goals. Daniel thrives on the reward he reaps from being a part of someone’s life when he has made a positive impact on their life. He also enjoys the one-on-one interaction and working with a lot of different people with varied fitness goals and expectations.


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I want to hear from you! I would be happy to answer any questions about my services. Please send a message or set-up a time for a consultation.

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Client Testimonials

DJS Fitness

KJ, Female, 48, Scottsdale

My decision to give personal training a try went beyond my desire to lose weight.  I’ve had high cholesterol since I was in my 20’s, and both of my parents suffered heart attacks in their mid 50’s.  Being at high risk, I knew that being fit was even more important than being thin.  Also, my doctor told me that at my age, building muscle mass is a better way to get fit AND lose weight than doing all cardio. After three months of working out with Dan, my cholesterol decreased by about 50 points, my LDL and triglycerides decreased significantly, and my HDL increased.  Within about four months, I reached my goal weight, but the clothes I was hoping to wear again didn’t fit – they hung off of me!  The amazing thing is that my actual weight is a bit more than it was when I wore a larger size.  All of my friends are amazed at the transformation.  I could not have found a better personal trainer than I have with Dan.  Not only does he prove again and again that I’m capable of more than I thought possible, but he keeps an ongoing dialogue with me regarding all aspects of staying fit.  He takes a real interest and provides helpful resources on healthy eating habits, etc., all of which have made my training a complete success.  I can’t believe I’m beginning to look forward to my workouts!  I attended my 30-year class reunion last month and was voted “most youthful.”  Do I think my success with Dan had anything to do with that?  You bet!

EB, Male, 57, Scottsdale 

I found Dan through the AARP website during the spring of 2009. While I was in "ok" condition for my age at the time (57), I discovered I no longer had the motivation to routinely work out. I was steadily losing physical energy and mental stamina. After discussing with Dan my desire to take better care of myself, we embarked on a steady program of weight training and cardio that has yielded very positive results. In addition to losing a few unneeded pounds, I have vastly increased my strength and endurance as my body composition has shifted dramatically to a much healthier proportion. Being a type-2 diabetic, the steady exercise regimen has helped me control the disease through diet and oral medication. I feel mentally sharp, and my work performance evidences that acuity. Additionally, I regularly meet the physical fitness requirements to remain a member of the National Guard (same as the U.S. Army). Dan's understanding of physiology, nutrition, and fitness combined with his sensible approach to personal training has kept me motivated and challenged to remain healthy and fit. His flexibility to adjust to my hectic schedule makes working with him that much more rewarding. 

MF, Female, 45, Phoenix

I starting working out with Dan a few months before my wedding.  At the time, I had arthritic knees and shoulder bursitis.  Dan worked around my injuries and was always concerned and professional.  Five months later I was on my honeymoon in a bikini for the first time in decades.  Despite two shoulder surgeries, I’ve been with Dan for almost three years now.  In fact, I’ve never missed a week unless one of us was sick or on vacation.  I haven’t been this strong since I was in my early twenties, and just recently I bought myself a cool new pair of boxing gloves and a heavy bag to work out at home on my non-Dan days.  Thanks Dan, for converting this previously wimpy forty-something.

MB, Male, 53, Phoenix

I had worked out three times a week on my own for years and thought I was plenty strong, but I had stopped progressing.  When I started to seeing Dan, the weights were lighter than what I was used to, but Dan is a stickler for proper form.  In no time, I became stronger than I ever imagined.  Now I “relax” between weight sets with dozens of push-ups and hundreds of jumping jacks without thinking twice.  Working out with Dan remains a priority for me even after almost three years.  I know the reason I can still do as much as I can at my age is because of our workouts.  I never could have come this far on my own.

CW, Male, 35, Scottsdale 

All I can say is that working out with Dan is the best fitness program I have ever been a part of.  From my initial assessment and education, my workouts with him have been designed around my goals.  He is a great motivator, never gives you the same workout twice, and always keeps the hour challenging and interesting. I look forward to every session, and he has me doing things I thought were only possible for me 15 years ago.  Te results with him are real, get noticed, and the best part is that they last!  His program is realistic, sustainable, and works in great with my very busy schedule.  Thanks Dan!

KC, Male, 50, Scottsdale 

If you’re reading this you must be somewhat interested in or at least entertaining the idea of working out with a trainer.  Good for you. I’d never worked out with a trainer before I met Dan.  It’s great to have someone like him who knows which exercises to do and makes sure you do them safely.  But in my mind what the trainer thing is really about is making a commitment to another person to meet once or twice a week and work on getting and keeping you in better shape.  I’ll never become an Adonis.  I don’t have the genes to get big and bulky.  But I now have more strength and stamina than I have had in 20 years.  People say I look good and that’s not bad either. I’ve been working out with Dan for almost 3 years.  I’ve dropped and kept off the vast majority of 40 pounds.  I’m not perfect with the workouts.  My job does bump some appointments here and there.  But I am consistent, and that’s the trick.  I’m consistent because I like the workouts Dan prescribes and I like how I look and feel.  And I also know that being in better shape as I age will afford me a higher quality of life.  That’s important to me as I just turned 50.  This February my doctor told me I’ve got the internal organs of a 39 year old.  Nice (thanks Dan). If this sounds like an experience and lifestyle change you’d like to try, call the man.  

GP, Female, 40, Scottsdale 

I recently became a client of Dan Scherf and DJS Fitness. I loved working out with Dan.  He is the perfect combination for a personal trainer.  He knows exactly how far to push me so that I can obtain the results I desire  but he’s also very  thoughtful and considerate.  I love the fact that the training is one-on-one and that I have 100% of his attention while I am working out with him. I definitely recommend Dan to whoever is looking to get fit and healthy.

FB, Male, 45, Newport Beach, CA/Scottsdale, AZ 

This guy has changed my life! Two years ago I had injuries and could not even sustain an hour workout. Now I look forward to working out and even show up 30 minutes to an hour early to get my cardioin before we workout with weights! Daniel is a true professional and will work around your schedule to make it work. I see him work with young and old, in shape or not so much and make a difference. I highly recommend DJS fitness if you are serious about getting your health in order! You can reach out to me personally if you would like.

KK, Female, 35, Scottsdale 

Dan's approach is the right balance of challenge and fun. Each workout is different and keeps me feeling the "good kind off sore" that assures me that my body is getting kicked back into gear.

EM, Male, 35, Scottsdale 

I committed to getting in better shape during my Achilles tendon surgery rehab.  Dan made that happen.  He was always on time, pushed the right amount and helped keep me from the spiral of bad fitness habits after a pretty severe surgery. Couldn't have done it without his help.  Thanks Dan!

SR, Male, 44, Scottsdale

When I first started working with Dan I could barely do 5 push-ups and I got quite winded on the treadmill after 5 minutes. Obviously I would not have been comfortable in a "Muscle Head" gym so I opted for Personal Training in a smaller facility. Within a couple months Dan had my Cardio health much stronger which in turn helped me to increase my weight training routines. Dan is always right beside you on every exercise to encourage you to exceed, help you perfect your form and have a great time doing it all. Dan is constantly introducing new exercises so his sessions never become dull or repetitious. His passion for his profession is amazing as is his commitment to his clients' health goals. My mental attitude is stronger, I am more confident in my profession, I can hike Pinnacle Peak with the best of them, and best of all, friends and strangers alike are taking notice of the hard work and the physical changes that are the result of excellent, consistent, professional training.

RH, Male, 34, Phoenix

Dan is awesome. He is extremely educated on physical fitness and each workout is catered to your level of fitness  and get more challenging as your fitness improves. He's not a "muscle head" and works with people of all ages and body types. I lost 15lbs of fat and gained muscle in 3 months of training with him. I appreciate him and his passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.

RG, Male, 50, Scottsdale

I have been working out with Dan for several years. He has helped me achieve the most fit body I have ever had in my life, better in my fifties than in my twenties!. My energy, stamina, physique, and enthusiasm to workout have never been better. I'm addicted to having the one-on-one attention during each exercise, and most of all, learning both proper form and balance in my routine. Dan's 100% commitment "to you" is so way better than what you get in the big gyms. I highly recommend anyone in the North Scottsdale / North Phoenix area to give Dan a try.

JM, Female, 70, Scottsdale

I've been a client of Dan's for several  years and he is an excellent trainer. My program is tailored to my fitness level and age.  My strength and agility have improved significantly and I have lost weight as well. Dan's clients are diverse in age and fitness and physical health. I have observed him working with clients making sure they are working to (but not beyond) their level  of ability. In addition Dan is very personable, low key and fun to work with.

KM, Female, 47, Phoenix

It was my first time going out and searching for a personal trainer. I wanted someone that was knowledgeable, motivated and experienced. I got really lucky when I found Dan! I have been going to Dan since 2006 and I love the results. He listens to what I am looking to accomplish and challenges me with different exercises and techniques. I totally look forward every week to my workouts and know that I have the best “one on one” fitness programs to fit my needs. If you want a great training program and an incredible trainer, call DJS Fitness.

SW, Female, 46, Scottsdale

Over a several year period, I watched a friend try and leave many trainers. It wasn't until he trained with Dan that I saw a total life transformation. This consistency in my friend's fitness prompted me to seek Dan out for my own training. I have worked out with Dan since 2012 and have found my own transformation. Dan is a professional that not only builds mind and body, but also my spirit for consistency and passion for a healthy lifestyle. When I walk away from our training sessions I say, "Thank you for the attitude adjustment, Dan!" He guides me into feeling like a winner!

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